KOGI: The Legendary Babaoloko That Lived For 152 Years

Ikujeinhi, best known as Baba Oloko (Baboloko), was born in 1688, to the family of Chief Osho. Chief Osho had two wives who both suffered childhood mortality of their offsprings (‘abiku’ related deaths) usually at the age of two (2). This prompted one of his wives to divorce him and marry another man.

It was not long after this, that Baba Oloko was born and as it was with the other children born before him, everyone in the community expected him to die when he was two years old but fate shined on him and he survived it.
When he was two and a half years old, his father thought it wise to give him a name that connotes his living beyond two years and he was subsequently, christened “Ikujeinhi” (Death has spared this).

The young Ikujeinhi Osho grew up to become a strong, energetic, handsome and troublesome young man. He was involved in several altercations and troubles within the village. Whenever and wherever there was trouble, the village people exclaimed that the culprit was none else but the son of Osho. “Omo Osho.”
As he grew up, he converted his strength into useful activities and he became a great farmer. Hence, the nickname, Baba Oloko halu-halu, that is, the man with large expanse of farmland or better put the great farmer.

He was not only great in farming; he was also a strong traditional man with mystic powers. As a demonstration of his control over the supernatural; he plants and harvest okra same day.

When he was about seventy years old (70), he was crowned the Obadofin of Owe land, and he reigned for eighty-two years (82) on the throne.
During his reign, he became the very first king to own a palace in the whole of Okun land and put an end to the ancient long tradition that forbids the three (3) Ololus of Oweland (Obaro, Obadofin and Obajemu) from seeing each other, face to face.

Baboloko, the progenitor of the great “Omo Osho Clan” of Gbeleko-Kabba had many wives and of course, many children before joining his ancestors in 1840, at the ripe age of 152yrs.



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