For Ladies: 5 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Flow You Should Know

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A woman will, on average, get her period for three to seven days once a month (every 30 days or so). After menstruating for several years, women tend to settle into a cycle where some women can even predict down to the hour when their periods will come but sometimes ladies get scared when for some unknown reasons, flow gets irregular.  Irregular menstrual flow is usually never a reason to get alarmed in most cases but sometimes it should be tackled but then, these reasons may form why it happens without you realizing it. Here are some reasons you may have irregular period.

Ladies experience irregular period or abnormal flow at certain points in time and usually they are not dangerous in most cases but in a few the cause should be gotten. It is also necessary to find out/understand the reasons they happen and what the body is trying to say.

Diet: Another common reason for a late or missing period is the food you eat and, more specifically, the weight you’re carrying. If you’re eating a diet that’s rich in unhealthy carbs or if you’ve gained weight, your body will produce varying levels of certain hormones, shifting when you ovulate. The same goes for women as they lose weight.

Stress: Stress is the most common cause of irregular periods. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a direct impact on how much the two s3x hormones: estrogen and progesterone are produced by the body. If you have too much cortisol in your bloodstream, there is the tendency for the time and flow of your monthly cycle to change.

Over-Exercising: Over exercising like for instance, burning too much energy in the gym affects menstrual flow, if you burn too much energy during exercise there will be nothing left for the body to use at that time of the month.

Birth Control Pills: It takes months for the body to get used to hormones birth control pills release and this affects menstrual flow.

Too Much Alcohol: Excessive intake of Alcohol can cause damages to the liver as well as affecting period- normalizing hormones. The liver helps regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle by metabolizing estrogen and progesterone where the liver is overworked or damage this affects the woman’s cycle.

Other factors as the onset of menopause could present itself as early as ten years before it starts thereby disrupting monthly flow, Cysts, Pregnancy are also contributing factors. if you suspect that irregular flow could be as a result of other factors, do seek medical help.


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