Ladies, Here Are 9 Tips On How To Attend Your Ex’s Wedding In Grand Style!!

1. So you just found out your ex boyfriend is getting married.


2. And to be honest, you’re a bit confused

“What’s going on?”

3. Because he had the guts to invite you!

He is brave oh!

4. But the reason you people broke up is that he said he doesn’t believe in marriage!

“It’s just a piece of paper”

5. Does he think you won’t attend?

Could it be?

6. Then you give them the most sizzling make up look you have perfected.

7. You walk into the reception like:

How Lagos girls walk into their ex’s wedding reception

“I have arrived peasants!”

8. And then smile at all his useless relatives that could not talk sense into his head when you were dating.

“I hate you all.”

9. And eat all the food there is in sight.

Chop all their money!


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