For Ladies: What Men Notice The First Time They Set Eyes On You

 What does a man check out the first time he sets his eyes on you as a woman?

While love at first sight sound like a myth to many, attraction at first sight is certainly very true, especially for men.

Here are what attract them:

The shape of your body

This is basically the very first thing guys always notice about women.

If they notice that a woman has an attractive body, they turn and look again, and that is often the start of their interest in you.

However, this is not always the case.

A minority of guys will be attracted to you for your personality first, before starting to consider other things like your looks, or shape.

A woman’s shape is the first thing men often see

That’s just a minority, though. Many guys will be attracted to you first looking at your shape and curves, before actually trying to know you.

Your face

The second thing that may trigger a man’s interest in a woman he just met is her face.

When a woman’s facial features are set in a beautiful, captivating manner, an attraction will often be built in the mind of a guy towards her.

There is a reason why ladies with very pretty faces are regarded attractive even if they don’t really have great, sexy bodies.

What you are wearing

After checking out the body shape and facial features, the next thing men often check out is what you are wearing.

Men also notice how a woman is dressed. Most times they are
attracted when a woman dresses in sexy clothing.jpg 

When you wear clothes that compliment you and make you look gorgeous, that could further stoke the flames in a man’s heart.

Guys do not generally care about the brand, the cost or where you got your clothes or shoes from, that is what other women do.

However, they might be put off if your clothes make you appear slutty or too thirsty for attention.


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