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Ladies: REAL Reason Your Handbag Looks CHEAP

imageFashion to some people is all about their handbags, they can spend as much as possible on handbags but at the end of it all, those bags still look fake and cheap. Well, there are times when you buy an expensive bag but because of the texture and design, it looks cheap. Do you know you can buy a cheap bag and it will look expensive while you can buy an expensive one and it will look cheap?  Well, here are few reasons why your handbag looks cheap no matter how much you bought it.

It’s dirty or falling apart: Those little threads sticking out where the two pieces of faux leather are sewn together are way more noticeable than you think.

Embellishment: Bags that are overly embellished can automatically appear cheap, especially when it comes to flimsy hardware. Shy away from contrast stitching, bows, all-over prints, obvious branding or scalloped edges. In a nutshell, a simple design will be your best bet.

It’s covered in contrast stitching: Cheap brands try to pass off obvious stitching as some sort style-enhancing design detail, but it’s not. It’s distracting. Just because your eye is drawn to something doesn’t mean it’s good. “Expensive” is all about subtlety. When stitches are visible, they should be straight, small, and unobtrusive.

It’s got some big logo on it: Unless you are rocking some Chanel or another super high-end luxury logo, the smaller and less noticeable the brand name on the bag, the better. And don’t even think about an all-over logo print. Not even if it actually is expensive.
No branding is ideal, but if it can’t be avoided, the smaller and more subtle the logo the better, especially if it is a well-known cheap brand.

It’s just got too much going on: Too many different “design features” just make a bag look chaotic and, yes, cheap. You can still find a totally fun bag, just keep in mind that the fewer details there are, the more important each one is, so you need to choose carefully.

Poorly finished: That means it has crooked seams or the pattern is off-center or the ends of the straps are folded over and sewn in place instead of being bonded around the edges. It’s the little things. Sometimes these are factory flaws that made it through quality control and sometimes it is just bad design, but either way, you want to steer clear. Check your bag thoroughly for flaws before you buy it.

The zipper is hanging out at either end: Zipper closures in general tend to feel a little cheaper than flap closures or locks, but this is especially true when the ends of the zipper are not sewn into the bag. Being able to pull the zipper out at either or both ends might allow you to open your bag farther, but it makes the bag look cheap. If you are worried about the security of your belongings, choose a bag with a flap closure and some sort of locking mechanism.

Nothing cheapens up a bag faster than a dinky and overly shiny chain or zipper pull. Less hardware is better than flimsy hardware. And don’t fall for that thing where brands just put a faux finish on lightweight hardware to make it look more like the heavy stuff. Hardware is something you really can’t fake.

Be especially wary of brown faux leather: Ninety-nine times out of 100, flat, brown faux leather just looks cheap. Stay away from bright caramel browns in favor of richer chocolate browns.


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