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Lagos State Senator Reveals ‘How Garri’ And ‘Dried Fish’ Cured His Stomach Ache

Lagos state senator, Solomon Olamilekan (Yayi) representing Lagos West Senatorial District in the upper chamber has said that soaked ‘Garri’ and dried fish usually cure his ‘stomach upset’.

Speaking on Thursday while advocating local foods, Senator Yayi stated that Garri and dried Fish was his favorite food.

He said: “I don’t know why I just like garri and dried fish, it gives me the kind of satisfaction I can`t describe, I just feel good after having it. Some people would ask me, why would a senator like garri and not all these expensive stuffs? and the answer I give is that it makes me feel great.”

“It is so amazing that sometimes when I am having stomach upset, and I take garri everything disappears within minutes. I think garri is best suited for my body”.

Olamilekan stated that he preferred mostly local foods to foreign delicacies.

Speaking on his political career and speculations that he intends to contest for the governorship position of his home state Ogun in 2019, Olamilekan did not give a direct answer.

“I am from Ogun state. I visit and interact with my people. It will be an honour to serve them. But we would not make any announcement for now.”

“At the right time, we would come out and tell the people. The concentration is on the Senate right now. We are waiting on God to determine our next move,’’ he said.


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