Why Laughing Makes Your Grow Younger

Forget the laugh lines and laugh from your belly to stay young

Laughing is a great way to naturally feel good, as it quickly reduces our stress levels and keeps them down. While it may be too much to ask celebs like actresses Kristen Stewart and Ronney Mara, and fashion royalty Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham to crack a smile, us mere mortals have the option to laugh like little kids. Janine Grobler, founder of Laugh SA, says there are many benefits to laughing.

BODY: Laughter quickly reduces levels of stress chemicals, releases natural painkillers, known as endorphins, and provides an excellent cardio and aerobic workout. It also boosts our immune system and reduces blood pressure.

MIND: Laughter puts us in a positive state of mind with improved learning, communication, empathy, creative and innovative capabilities. A good chuckle with a friend can also lift your mood, and reduce depression.

EMOTIONS: Laughter quickly reduces “bad” emotions including fear, anger, distrust anxiety and depression.

Source: True Love


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