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Learn How To Make The Nigerian Vegetable Salad With These 6 Steps

There is a difference between salad and coleslaw. Though it’s almost the same but we can say coleslaw is the junior brother of salad that doesn’t know book. I’m assuming everyone reading this article has at one point in their life tasted Nigerian salad, but do all of you know how to make it? Let’s get our hands busy and get started……

1/2 handle Lettuce
2 boiled Eggs
1 can Sardine
1/2 cup Baked Beans
1 cup cubed boiled Potatoes
2 pieces fresh Tomatoes (sliced in rings)
1/2 medium Onion
1 cup cubed or sliced Cucumber
1/2 cup Carrots (sliced)
4 table spoons Salad cream

1. Wash all vegetables and pat dry with kitchen paper
2. To prevent water retention in the salad remove the pit of the tomato and the
seeds. Onion smell was reduced by placing in hot water then cooled in cold
water.What you can do is to simply reduce the quantity of onion as we have
done in this recipe
3. Slice all the vegetables and eggs.
4. Mix all the sliced vegetables , add the baked beans and sardine
5. Add the salad cream and gently mix the salad with light lifting of the
vegetables. Place the eggs on top
6. Keep salad in the fridge and serve chilled.


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