Lepacious Bose Can’t Stop Recounting Her “Horrors” Of When She Was Fat

Lepcious Bose fat

Her body weight transformation came as a surprise to everyone – Comedienne,Lepacious Bose has lost quite the ton of weight, and she just won’t stop gushing about it.

Obviously consumed by her size, she says she was very depressed and unhappy for a long time. She hated herself for being so big, and even at a point thought God hated her. Now she is rejoicing for being “delivered from fat“…

What she wrote below:

“Once upon a time, there lived a lonely sad princess hidden in a big bag! The bag was pretty and colourful but the little girl desperately wanted to come out and play.
You see Everytime she tried to come out and play the bag would always be an hindrance and this made her so sad. Eventually she stopped trying and accepted her fate, the bag was happy she gave up and just grew bigger! The little girl named the bag BIG BOLD AND SASSY!

Then one day, she realised she could fight against this sassy big bag and win, so she started the fight with all her strength, the bag was much bigger and stronger but this girl was now angry and more determined than ever…… O thou my Big, Bold and Sazzy bag, you were once a master to a kind spirited and lovely girl. You ruled and controlled every bit of me mercilessly, but today, the hunter has become the hunted.

Your Kingdom has been shattered, your staff of office seized, you had me chained and imprisoned in my own dungeon of fear, terror, self condemnation and lack of confidence. Today, the little girl has sprang forth, blooming like the sun flower, shinning like a star, yet striking like the lighting. Most importantly, Big, Bold and Sazzy has been humbled; and in its place SLIM, BOLD,BEAUTIFUL AND SASSY evolved.”


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