Here Is A List Of How Nigerian Students Do Their Own Budget Padding

University Students
How students do budget padding on their finance from parents.
Having witnessed the budget padding saga that has trailed the National Assembly in the past few weeks, it can not be said that the legislators hold the exclusivity in the commission of the act.
Guess what, many other people in various professions and spheres of occupation have also perpetrated this act in their own capacity and ways.
It has also been found out that this padding of a thing has been common among students especially those in Tertiary institutions, long before the word became popular in Nigerian politics.
Here is a list of how students do their own budget padding.
1. Inflating the cost of school fee.
2. Increasing the cash meant for handout.
3. Making use of names of halls in the school as names of books to get money.
4. Coming up with non-existing projects
5. Coming up with assignments that must ne done immediately
6. Increasing price on house rent
7. collecting fund for sham registrations etc.
Therefore it is not only Legislators that can pad budget…
Subsequently it isn’t solely Legislators that may pad price range but in addition College students in Nigeria too.
Source: www.otisele.com

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