List Of Top 15 Most Corrupt Countries In The World

According to Transparency International CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX 2015, Nigeria is ranked among the top 15 corrupt countries in the world with most of its population living in abject poverty.
Even though Nigeria is among the world’s top oil producing nations, poverty, corruption and hunger has continued to terrorize its people. In almost every sector of government, bribery and corruption is the order of the day.
As a result of this, many have given up hope. There are other countries too who are suffering like many other Nigerians. Check out the list of the top 15 Most Corrupt Countries in the World below:

Top 15 Most Corrupt Countries in the World
1. Somalia and North Korea
2. Afghanistan
3. Sudan
4. South Sudan and Angola
5. Libya and Iraq
6. Venezuela and Guinea-Bissau, Haiti
7. Yemen, Turkmenistan, Syria, Eritrea
8. Uzbekistan
9. Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Burundi
10. Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad
11. Congo Republic
12. Central African Republic
13. Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Kenya, Guinea, Bangladesh
14. Tajikistan, Nigeria, Comoros
15. Cameroon, Iran, Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Ukraine
Source: Tori.ng

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