Lovely Jumpsuit Styles To Sew With Ankara This Weekend


The ever versatile print look is a loved, must own and a must have look in any ladies’ wardrobe . Ankara comes in solid vibrant prints making a statement in any style because of the richness of the fabric it commonly comes in.

Ankara styles are back specially curated for the weekend in jumpsuit styles and they make statement as per usual.
Ankara jumpsuit Ankara jumpsuit with halter neck details and chic flared bottoms

(Pinterest/Style Pantry)

Apart from it being a major trend at the moment; the look is everything versatile as the fabric fits in any style it’s crafted in and for the weekend, the fun, versatile, fab and glam jumpsuit is again highlighted in photos.

Ankara jumpsuit with cape details

 Jumpsuits can be done in relaxed fit, form fitting in chic styles including ones with slouchy detail, cowl neck details, bustiers/strapless styles, flared bottoms featuring halter neck details, sleeveless or with cap sleeves or go all out with cape details!

The idea of the jumpsuit is to have fun, do chic and go glam all at the same time. Would you wear Ankara prints in jumpsuit style?


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