Major Difference Between Full Milk And Skimmed Milk



Do you know consumption of milk and dairy products is associated with numerous health benefits?  When many of us go to the market or grocery stores to buy our Milk, we buy based on the brands that we like and do not take nutrition into consideration most times. For example, before I got married, I can take any kind of milk. But once married, I’m restricted to just one brand of milk  that favours my husbands body system.

Many of us have the impression that milk is milk and do not know that different manufacturers pack different types of milk for sale. Maybe if we understand that the different milks are not the same in composition and hence have different effect on our health, you would consider looking at that milk container when next you hit the grocery store.

Just recently, my husband took special interest in taking skimmed milk because it contains low fat and he has been on it for a long while now. On the other hand, I’m still stocked to my usual full cream milk with better taste any time.

So wondering aloud whether I was missing out in any nutritional benefits from skimmed milk, I had to do some findings which I thought I should share the major difference between skimmed milk and full cream milk.

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Major Difference Between Skimmed Milk & Cream Milk

The full cream milk, also known as whole milk is the milk in the form we get them from animals while skimmed milk is whole milk from dairy cows that has had most of or all of its fat removed. So, if you are looking to burn down fat, you may not want to add to it by consuming more of whole milk.

Saturated Fat Contained In Skimmed Milk and Cream Milk

A typical full cream milk would normally contain around 5 grammes of saturated fat per one-cup serving. This is 20 percent of the daily limit. Now consider that you may also eat other fatty foods such as cheese, butter, coconut oil and other foods rich in saturated fat in a single day. This makes it easy for you to overshoot 25 grams per day.

Vitamin Composition of the Two Milks

Some people prefer to take skimmed milk because it does not contain fat but what they don’t know is that, unlike full cream milk which contains both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, skimmed milk lacks the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). This is because the Vitamins have been skimmed alongside with the fat during the production process. It’s simple, they are only soluble in fat, so they are dissolved in the fat. What happens when the fat is removed? The vitamins are removed too.

Actually in the end, the choice is yours to make whether you go for full cream or skimmed milk. But to help you make the right choice, pick up both milk to compare the nutritional benefits from the pack before buying.


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