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Makeup Art: Lady Turns Self To Scary Monsters (+Photos)

makeup artist

A young lady who dreams of being a professional makeup artist has wielded makeup tools expertly, transforming herself into scary monsters.

 This young lady can recreate just about any character on her own face with the aid of makeup.

Scary makeup art


According to her, she did not get much support from her family when she started because artistic makeup was not popular in her home country of Brazil.

Scary makeup artScary makeup art

Paula Alencar, the artist, says she got a lot of help from Emily Anderson, a Californian artist who was in Brazil for an event.

Scary makeup artScary makeup art

Emily gave Paula a complete set of professional makeup, something the former could not afford on her own. From there, she had enough material to start doing makeup.

She still has dreams of studying professional makeup in a specialized school for film makeup. These photos prove she is on the right track.


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