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According to global wealth research firm New World Wealth, Africa’s richest people consider picturesque Mauritius to be the safest African nation for women.

Results from the 2016 Wealth Migration Survey reveal that Mauritius, Namibia and Botswana are the three most popular African nations that the very wealthy migrate to.

Andrew Amoils, head of research at New World Wealth, says the treatment of women is one of the biggest motivating factors that high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) take into consideration when making decisions on where to settle.

“In our view, countries with a good level of safety for women will outperform those with low levels of safety for women going forward,” Amoils says. “In fact, the safety of women is arguably the best way to judge a country’s long-term economic prospects.”

South Africa, Kenya, Angola and Zambia are the other African countries regarded as most safe for females, while Sudan, Libya, Mali and Somalia have been flagged as the least safe for women on the continent, with Nigeria also highlighted for “becoming increasingly unsafe for women”.

In terms of the research, safety refers to being protected from dangers such as rape, assault, slavery and trafficking, and doesn’t refer to issues of gender equality, equal rights or equal opportunity.

Globally, Australia has been rated the safest country in the world for women. It has a “strong sense of community and most people living there have a similar value system” the report states.

“Australia’s immigration policy is also one of the most stringent in the world, which prevents possible woman abusers from entering the country. Social services and police in Australia are also very efficient at cracking down on woman abuse.”

New Zealand, which has a similar value system in place as Australia, is ranked the second safest country for women, followed by Canada, America and Scotland – which is also considered to be the safest country for women in Europe.

“Canada is slightly safer for women than the US as it has a more efficient police force and less crime in urban districts than its southern neighbour, [while in the US] woman abuse is heavily frowned upon, as is child and animal abuse,” Amoils says.

“The media is also quick to pounce on any inaction. Many women in the US carry a firearm; this is a major deterrent to woman abuse.”


Source: Destinyconnect


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