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Meet Daughter of Top Nigerian Singer Who is Undergoing Transformation to be a Man!

Daughter of popular Nigerian born music star based abroad, Sade Adu has surprised everyone has she begun medical transformation into a man after suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ for a long time.

Nigerian-British singer’s daughter, Sade Adu who transformed into a man.

Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It’s sometimes known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID), gender transgenderism.

Ila is the only child between the Nigerian-British singer Sade Adu and American-Jamaican music producer, Bob Morgan and has received numerous congratulatory messages from fans who are happy that he will soon have his greatest desire.

Sade Adu's daughters' transformation into a man.

Sade Adu’s daughters’ transformation into a man.

He shared the picture of his former self and the new transition as he captioned it: “Left: January 2016 pre T, Right: November 2016, 1 month on T #FTM #change #proud”.

Wonder how Sade Ade would be feeling at the moment!


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