Meet Davido’s New Bae, Mandy (Photos)

davido's money

Davido has finally found love and he wants you to be aware of that!

The ‘Dami duro‘ singer has been all up in our faces with videos of his new Atlanta-based babe, Mandy.

Davido and new babe, Mandy

A quick peek at Davido’s Snapchats shows him publicly flaunting his new lady love. Apparently, Mandy is currently in Lagos, Nigeria chilling with new boo Davido.

The duo were spotted all touchy feely in Club Quilox this morning, December 19, 2016 before heading over to Eko Hotel and Suites.

Davido and new babe, MandyDavido and new babe, Mandy

The father of one and Mandy shared cuddles and kisses in the backseat of a car as they headed to the hotel. Recall that the ‘Show me the money’ crooner back in October revealed he isn’t ready for a relationship.

Davido’s new babe, Mandy
According to him, “I don’t have a girlfriend. Right now, I’m all over the place, I don’t think am ready for a relationship.

“I don’t know where I will be in 10 years, but I know I’ll be chilling,” he said.

Meanwhile, the pop star is rumoured to be expecting a child with the former Hooters worker already. Sources say the new couple might even be expecting their patter of tiny feet soon.

She, however, doesn’t appear pregnant from snaps Davido shared early this morning.

Davido da Sophia a bikin Cika ShekaruDavido da Sophia a bikin Cika Shekaru

(Dele Momodu)

Recall that Davido and the mother of his daughter, Sophia Momodu, have been at each other’s throats for some time now even including their family members in their baby drama.

Although, the duo are at peace….. for now, there could be another media blowout from the two.

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Meanwhile, the “Skelewu” singer recently had a ‘juju’ scare. According to him, “No juju you do will work for me!!! BABA GOD BY MY SIDE… you know yourself. I’m covered with the blood of Jesus… my friends, my family, my work, my life… AMEN.”


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