Meet Mammam Daura, Buhari’s Nephew Who Allegedly ‘Controls’ Nigeria Behind-The-Scene

Muhammadu Buhari,

And according to @LeadersNG on Twitter, Sabiu lives with his uncle – Mamman Daura- at the Glass house since the president moved to Aso Rock. The Glass house is said to be the closest residence to the president’s.


Mammam Daura is Buhari’s nephew who allegedly ‘controls’ Nigeria behind-the-scene. There reports that Mammam Daura is so powerful to the point that he holds a special place in the heart of our dear president. In fact, he is said to be so powerful and influential that he holds a position no one has and can ever hold in the life of the Buharis.


This goes to show that even Sabiu Tunde is closely related to our president!



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