Meet Nigeria’s Youngest Medical Doctor, Akintelu Elizabeth Abiola, Inducted By Nigeria’s Medical Council At Age 21!!

Inducted By Nigeria's Medical Council At Age 21

This is Akintelu Elizabeth Abiola who was indicted by Nigeria’s medical council at just 21, making her one of the country’s youngest doctors.

Akintelu, who was born in Lagos but studied in Sudan, started school early and excelled in her studies.

She was accepted into Ahfad, an elite university in Sudan, where she honed her medial skills, but admits the language was hard at first.

TRAILBLAZER: Akintelu Elizabeth Abiola

Asked how she kept a healthy balance between work and friendship, she told Jazloveblog: “I just found a way to balance books with maintaining my relationship with friends and family. Strict reading hours and taking time off to cool off..  It’s hard to manage, but I got the hang of it”

Her advice to those wanted to pursue a career in medicine is simple: “Stay happy and focus on the beautiful things in life and kill any negative vibes around you.

“Most importantly, don’t give in… don’t give up.”


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