Meet The Shuwa Arab Most Beautiful Women In Nigeria

Enough of the hype of fulani and Igbo women as the most beautiful women in Nigeria! Meet the Shuwa arab women (a minority Nigerian tribe women) who will give fulani and Igbo girls a run for their money anytime and anywhere.
Many Nigerians (especially southern Nigerians) may not know who the Shuwa arab people are………The Shuwa arabs are a minority group in Nigeria found mainly in Borno & Yobe states and other states of the north, numbering around 2 million people in Nigeria.
They also have other populations outside Nigeria in neighboring countries like Chad, Cameroon e.t.c But this thread focuses on the Shuwa arab indigenes of Nigeria alone.
Boko haram might have succeeded in terrorizing the homeland of these beautiful women, but boko haram has not succeeded in destroying their amazing beauty. See more photos below.


source: Gistmania



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