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Meet Two Nigerians Who Built Multi-Million Dollar Business with Just N750

Imagine when life give you N750 lemons to start a business and you later made it into multi-million dollar lemonade business in just 6 years.

Sometimes in 2010, Nigerian born Seun and Seyi Abolaji using $5, to set up a Wilson’s Juice Company, a freshly squeezed juice company, to tap into a new market.

Speaking to CNN about why they started the company, Seyi Abolaji said:

“To offer a healthy alternative to what was on the market.”

They started out selling cups of lemonade at their college, but now two brothers have built a company in Nigeria which distributes its juice in over 650 locations in 18 states in Africa’s second largest economy.

Seun Abolaji further speaks on how they started the business with $5 (N750 at that time) :

“Could we have started this company in the United States? I doubt it.

We would need 10 million dollars maybe three, and that’s the beauty of Nigeria you can have a naira and a dream.”

Right now, the company produces 24,000 bottles of lemonade daily in a factory they built which employs 30.


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