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For Men: 9 Types Of Ladies You Should Never Fall In Love With, #4 Can Be So Frustrating

If you treasure your heart and your sanity, you need to stay away from the types of women listed in this article.

For the single-and-ready-to-mingle guys, no matter how eager you are to fall in love, caution is still strongly advised.

1. The Barbie

Very great looks. totally makes all the other guys jealous of you… but that’s all there is about her. No brains whatsoever. What’s worse, she never makes any attempt to get knowledge [or maybe she really just can’t. Some women have very great looks, but not brains. Ouch! The truth they say it’s hard to believe.

2. The entitled

This woman thinks the world revolves around her, she thinks she deserves everything you do for her. Even the love you have for her, she feels it is deserved.

Guess what happens when a woman is like this: she becomes ungrateful. You don’t need this kind of woman who takes you and your love for granted.

3. The greatly insecure

Admittedly, many people have one insecurity or another, but this kind of woman takes insecurity to a whole new level. Constantly fishing for compliments to validate her self-worth, never confident in how great she is, or in her abilities.

4. Miss Perfectionist

If you treasure your mental health, you’ll learn to never come close to this kind of woman. Given the potential of men to be a bit dis-organised [actually, more than a bit], one of the worst things you can do to yourself is being with a woman who is obsessed about everything being spic-span and orderly always.

5. You could literally die of the headache.

Avoid women that have a special kind of skill in making mountains out of molehills. Relationships with them are usually stressful.

6. Drama queen

The problem with her is that she’s unable of owning up to her faults and taking responsibility for her own actions. She also seems most perfect at blowing small issues into mighty wahala.


7. The materialistic

To this kind of woman, it’s all about the money. She believes your role in her life is to shower her with gifts and cash as your only way of loving her. If credit alerts, expensive gifts and shopping bags are her definition of love, you might want to consider your options very well.

8. The ultra-dependent

The type of woman who literally can’t live without you. With this type of woman, say complete bye bye to your days of doing anything by yourself.

She’ll always want you by her side. She’ll always want to be by yours. She may depend on you for her next breath. Yeah. She’s dependent like that.

9. The smooth player

She plays on your emotions, not really committing to anything more than a casual relationship because her sights are still set on other guys. That’s how she rolls.


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