For Men: Things You Should Do For Your Lady, No. 7 Will Surprise You


Women are sentimental people who get moved over the little things of life. They do things using the emotional approach. Men on the other hand are naturally egoistic; they hate to be seen as a weakling. They would rather front to the women than allow people to see them broken. The chemistry between a man and woman may never be fully understand. No matter how successful a woman is, she is bound to feel empty at one point or another if she is not involved with any man. The same goes for men; they need women to fill the voids in their lives and help them put things together.

Thus, it is not out of place to say men and women compliment each other. There are certain things men do when they want to win women over; these things are basically the most simple things in life. They are things that have to do with courtesy and being sweet natured. At this point, men should know women are over candles and flowers; ladies get turned off with all those silly romantic gestures overemphasized in the movies they watch. Not every woman is wired to be materialistic; you may have to go an extra mile to melt the ice which has covered many women’s hearts. Find below some of the simple things that would make any woman trip for you:

1. Be kind to her

While you want things to happen between you two quickly, do not give her the impression that you want to buy her over with your money. She may be offended and get turned off immediately. Be mild, be kind and let her get to see you just the way you are. She is most likely to turn to you when she is bothered by something.

2. Do not ever stalk her

As much as you want to spend the rest of your life with her, do not choke the life out of her. She deserves her own space; let her go when you need to and watch out for her in a way that will not be perceived as dominating. Women feel comfortable being with men who are loving and understanding. This would make her put away the feeling of insecurity that most women feel. Knowing she can roll with you while being herself would make her trip for you.

3. Be eager to spend time with her

If you want a woman to trip for you, then do not strike her as a workaholic who does not have time for anything or anyone else apart from his job. Despite your busy schedule, make moves to spend quality time with her. This would make her feel like she belongs somewhere; before long, it will be hard for her to push out thoughts of you from her head.

4. Allow her to make her choices

There will be moments when she would be confused, try as much as possible to be her friend by giving her unbiased opinion about the issues. She will trust you in no time and make you her confidant. Whenever this happens, do not force your decision on her. Lecture her on how things should be and guide her as she makes her decision. Whether she takes your advice or not, remain supportive.

5. Do not take advantage of her

There will be moments when her guards would be down as a result of getting comfortable in your company. Do not lure her into doing something she may regret if you want her for keeps. It would be unacceptable for both of you to claim you got carried away after the deed must have been done. Show her you are a man that has self control. This would make her respect you more and consider you for a long term relationship.

6. Be adventurous

Do not be afraid to pull her out of her shell; you can show her how beautiful life can be by doing things differently. Take her out when you could and make her do things she would not do ordinarily. When you are apart, she would miss those fun moments and long for your company. This is the perfect way of flooding her head with thoughts of you.

7. Deliberately cause a fight so you can buy her gifts

We can never overrule the fact that money makes the world go round. You have to be willing to buy her gifts from time to time as a way of catering for her needs. In order not to make her feel like you are trying to buy your way through, you can drop gifts for her in the most auspicious ways. You can cause a small fight and take responsibility for your actions. Have a mutual friend take the gifts to her; it would be rude for her to turn them down since you are trying to make peace.


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