MEN- Tips On How To Look Good In Shorts

78ec6ffcad2e7ce07d15bfc8399dd610Shorts are casual pieces of menswear. That they are inherently casual doesn’t mean they have to look adolescent and sloppy. So why do most men look so bad wearing shorts? Wearing shorts works so well for young guys but adults have reservations about it. That is why there are quite a few men out there who still feel shorts are not appropriate wears. But here are some tips on how you can wear your shorts and still look fabulous.

uti-nwachukwu-fashion-pheeva-3Don’t wear shorts to a wedding: Or any other formal event. In those situations, opt for a pair of cotton chinos or linen trousers instead. As for wearing shorts to work, that’s all based on the dress code at your place of employment. If they are acceptable, a good look is with a tucked-in polo and casual dress shoes. When you’re not conducting business or attending a formal ceremony/event, you can wear your short. Although there are some guys in the fashion industry that can get away with this but if you are conducting business or you’re going to be at a formal event, you need to wear trousers.

Options for up top: Polos and short-sleeved button-downs look best because their cut-off design matches what you have on below the belt. One of the easiest ones to pull off is the polo shirt. There are a lot of different brands, brands – a very easy match. You don’t have to, but if you do tuck it in, it will will give you a smarter look. They offer that same streamlined look of the former items, and are a great option for those of you who feel weird wearing short-sleeved shirts thanks to skinny arms.

Better close than loose. The thing with shorts is that they only add bulk to the top part of the hips and the top thighs. And you don’t want to get the chicken leg look, and that will happen if your shorts are too baggy or they billow out on the sides, so try to avoid pleats on shorts unless you have a large hip area.

shorts-and-loafers-fashion-pheevaColour: It affects the mood and the formality, so the short at the top left hand corner, those are the most common. Those are going to be the easiest to match. Once we start bringing in reds, blues, greens suddenly add to the informality. It becomes more fun and you’re going to stand out a bit more. Sticking with a solid and a traditional style pretty much any man can be able to pull this off.

suir-shorts-for-men-grey-summerLoud and short: Shorts that are a bit too loud and short. They’re really drawing attention right to your crotch area and that’s really not where a gentleman wants all of the eyes in the audience to be focused on.

Accessories: Shorts are inherently causal, so keep that in mind when picking a watch, belt, bracelet, etc. to pair with them. Canvas watch bands look great, as do braided belts. You always want your outfit, and accompanying accessories, in the same sartorial spectrum so nothing clashes or demands for attention.



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