Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day You Probably Didn’t Know

Here are daily things you do early in the morning that could ruin your day.

Exercise on empty stomach: Eating healthy first thing in the morning gives you the energy your brain needs to function properly for the rest of the day, so make sure you fuel up with a mix of protein and carbohydrates first. Exercising on an empty stomach can make you feel tired and sour for the rest of the day.

Water: If you don’t drink water in the morning, you’ll be playing hydration catch-up for the rest of the day. The more you’re dehydrated, the more likely that you’d feel tired, confused and in a bad mood. Taking enough water in the morning can do a lot to make you feel strong, energetic, sharper and happier during the activities of the day.

Skipping moisturizer: Whether you’re rushing or you simply forget, skipping moisturizer in the morning makes dry, flaky skin more probable throughout the day. If you skip out on lotions or creams because you feel like they’re too heavy, switch to a gel formula that gives you a lighter coverage but is still packed with moisture.

Coffee: Energy levels rise naturally when you first wake up, so drinking coffee then causes an extra energy surge that can leave you jittery. Therefore, save it for an hour after you’ve gotten out of bed and you will catch the most benefits from coffee. That’s when your energy levels begin to plummet, so coffee keeps them up well into the afternoon.

Skipping proteins: waiting until lunch or dinner to get your protein fix is not the best way to build muscle, Your body can only use so much protein to repair muscle at a time. Proteins are important as the body uses it to repair muscles. As such, your protein intake should be spaced out evenly to maximise the body’s ability to make use of it. Eat boiled eggs alongside your oats to provide your body with sufficient proteins in the morning.

Traffic: Spending your ride to work angry over traffic won’t just make you miserable that morning it will make your day miserable. Your daily trip to work is important because it prepares you for the day and acts as some sort of buffer between the life you left at home and the one you’re going to meet at work. As such, you can boost your mood in traffic by entertaining yourself with music and hilarious videos.


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