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Must Read: 15 Interesting Things To Know About Nigerian Ladies

This time two years ago I was very naive when it came to ladies, I saw all of them as angels and I was always out to please them, not like that mentality has changed though but I’m not as naive as i was before.

My male friends always say funny stuff about girls like “don’t dull, even if she says stop don’t stop because she likes it”, “all of them pretend but they are hoes”..and the list continues, of course i don’t believe all ladies are hoe’s and I’ve come to realize sometimes stop doesn’t always mean stop, but here are a few other less sexual and interesting things I’ve come to find out about ladies in 2016.


1. If you’re going on a date with someone, make sure you find out if it’s a date. Some girls think you’re “just hanging out,” whether they realize or not that you think it’s a date. If you’re “just hanging out,” split the bill; if not, pay (that last one should be self-explanatory, but just in case, there’s your reminder). Do not feel obligated to pay just because you’re out with a girl (“hanging out”) — you (hopefully) work, she (hopefully) works and your money is of no less value than hers.


2. Don’t completely judge her by her social media presence.


3. Never underestimate an awesome laugh — if you haven’t heard her laugh, you’re doing something wrong.


4. You can tell a lot about a girl by the family she comes from and how she acts with/towards them.


5. If she’s dated nothing but douchebags up until this point, she’ll probably always date douchebags; there’s nothing you can do about that, no matter how much you preach.


6. You can tell 10-times more from the company she keeps.


7. Watch for the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome — that nerdy, yet kind-of-cute girl you paid no mind to in high school will likely be the knockout you keep glancing at in the mall in your 20s.

8. Avoid the party girls — trust me.

9. If she can’t hold a conversation for more than a minute, just leave. It’s a massive waste of your time.

10. If she has “rules” when dating guys, she’s probably not worth your time.


11. Don’t judge her for watching trash T.V. So what if she likes Keeping Up The Kardashians? As long as she’s not trying to be a Kardashian, it’s all good. She probably thinks at least one show/sport you watch is stupid.


12. Be up-front with her. If she’s into you and you’re not into her, tell her. Don’t string her along. Think about how you feel when a girl does it to you — it sucks.


13. Meet her parents and shake her father’s hand, even if she tells you not to. The right girl will respect you for it, but more importantly, her parents will respect you; and that will make your life a lot easier.


14. Don’t lie to her. If she’s a level-headed human being, she’ll understand. If you cheat, that’s on you.


15. If you’re with the right girl, staying home and watching a movie with her is a million times better than banging that hot girl from the bar.


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