Must Read!!! Benefits Of Kegel Exercises

Kegel-Exercises-for-Men-500x300Many studies are now showing that Kegel exercises also known as pelvic floor exercises have amazing health benefits for men’s penile health. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder, bowel and also affect sexual function, says experts.

Kegels were originally used by women to provide protective measures to pregnant women for aiding childbirth. Well, Kegels are not just for women anymore, men also have pelvic floors, so why not use the same exercise to get the same health benefits too?

A review in the Journal Urology found that strengthening a man’s pelvic floor, the muscles that surround the base of the pe nis which forms a shelf across the bottom of the pelvis can help diminish erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It also noted that Kegels may also boost libido by increasing the s ex drive, creating sexual energy flow and increasing muscle tone in the pelvic floor.

Ways To Mastering Kegels

To locate the muscles involved in Kegeling, try these two strategies:

Stop and start the flow of urine while urinating. The muscles that make that happen are the very ones that you will isolate and contract. Imagine you need to pass some gas. The muscles you contract to avoid expelling gas are the same ones you need to do Kegels.

You can check whether you are using the right muscles by standing naked in front of a mirror and lifting your pe nis up and down, using only those muscles. If you can successfully do this without moving any other part of your body, you have learned how to Kegel.

Experts recommend doing Kegels three times a day. Contract the pelvic floor 10 times during each session and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Try a set right after urinating, if you have problems with leakage and as a way to maintain an e rection.

The good part, it requires no prescription, you can get started today!


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