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#MustRead: 4 Times Davido Has Proved To Be ‘Ungentlemanly’ In Public


Aside from being one of the biggest stars in Africa, Davido is also a human. He gets angry, get emotional, abuses people and does all the normal things we humans do. However, because he is on a large societal pedestal, he is more open to criticism from his fan.

David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido is top Nigerian artist who has given us timeless hits such as Gobe, Dodo, Aye and Fans Mi. He refers to himself as d “omo baba olowo” (son of a rich man in Yoruba) which is shortened to OBO.  As fellow humans, we expect him to treat people the way he would like to be treated.

Being a star that he is, he is usually in the public eye and most things are caught for all to see. Here are four times that Davido proved to be ungentlemanly in the public eye:

1. The time he abused Dede Momodu


Dede Momodu is a journalist & publisher of Ovation magazine, as well as the uncle to Sophia Momodu. Davido referred to him twice as ‘my boy.’ which is seen as derogatory because of their huge age gap. He also addressed him in his open letter: “Uncle Dele Momodu never liked, and still does not like Sophia. He is now just grandstanding because Sophia had a baby for a fairly prominent family and famous Davido.” A gentleman would try his best not to insult his elders. Or at least have the courtesy to say it to their faces privately and not on social media for everyone to see their shame.

2. The time he wrote an open letter abusing Sophia, his baby’s mother

davido sophie

Davido and his baby’s mother, Sophia, had a very public fall out in January. If you have forgotten, the summary was Davido felt she was an unfit mother and took the baby from her and she was fighting to be with her daughter. Insults were thrown back and forth and Davido laid out all her dirty laundry. He said: “She often left Imade home for clubbing, binge drinking and a life of debauchery and deviant living. She would sleep all day and party all night. When awake, she was addicted to the telephone and cannabis.” A gentleman would not air out her dirty laundry of his ex-lover so easily in public.

3. The time he allegedly disrespected his dancers


Popular dancer Kaffy Ameh claims Davido disrespected she and her dancers this week. According to the CEO of Magneto Dance Company, the Skelewu singer hired her company and cancelled last-minute after weeks of hard work and practice. She was very vexed over his harsh treatment and called him a mother f**ker and said thunder will fire him. Davido is yet to respond to these allegations but if he did do it a gentleman would not treat ladies or dancers so harshly.

4. The time he fought with Wizkid on Twitter

NAIJ.com article on Wizkid reportedly signing to Sony/ RCA which puts him and Davido in yet another competitive mode.

Wizkid and Davido had a Twitter beef in 2014 where they exchanged harsh words. They all argued over who could pull a bigger crowd and kept abusing themselves on Twitter. No names were mentioned but all could be inferred from context because they were to perform at a show together. now the two are on good terms but a gentleman would turn the other cheek right? All in all, we know Davido is still getting the hang of being in the spotlight and being attacked for everything he does. So just watch and see how much better he will get with time.


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