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Natural Ways To Get Thick And Long Eyelashes

imageEyelashes frame the eye and draw attention to the face, making the eyes look even more beautiful. But women of all ages become very self-conscious when their eyelashes thin or they find lashes falling out.

There are lots of artificial ways to improve your eyelashes with mascara, false eyelashes or eyelashes extensions, but often these things just make your real lashes even weaker. Learning how to make eyelashes grow can naturally save you a ton of mascara, so here are ten home remedies that will make your lashes grow and look longer, for real:

Natural oils: Can help on to make your eyelashes grow longer, moisturize your lashes with one of these natural oils: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, linen oil or sesame oil. Just soak some oil (or oil blend) on a cotton wool ball and wipe over your lashes before you go to bed. Wash off in the morning and the natural oil will nourish, moisturize, improve the growth and keep your lashes strong and healthy.

Aloe Vera: Is a wonderful home remedy that can be used for various purposes. If you want to nourish your eyelashes and make them grow, apply some fresh Aloe Vera gel straight to your lashes before going to bed, using a clean mascara wand, the same way as you apply mascara. Thanks to vitamins and powerful nutrients, Aloe Vera gel will improve the growth of your eyelashes and make them stronger.

Remove all make up at night: The longer your lashes are free from makeup, then the better they will grow. Always remove all your eye makeup at night time, to give your lashes a chance to breathe or, even better, remove it as soon as you get home.

Eat healthy: Eating healthy and balanced diet is another important tip on how to make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and stronger. Just like your hair, your lashes need a good supply of vitamins and minerals to grow, so be sure to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, include lean protein in your diet, as well as whole grains to nourish your lashes and help them to grow.

Massage your eyelid: Another easy tip on how to make your eyelashes grow longer and stronger is eyelid massage. You can stimulate the hair follicles of your lashes by gently massaging your eyelids. If you do this regularly, you will see a real difference in your lashes quickly. Just be careful not to be too rough though when you massage, or you will do more harm, than good.

Brush your lashes: Brushing your lashes will clean out any dust and dirt particles and encourage a good blood supply to the lashes. You can buy little lash combs, made specifically for the job, and a daily brush really can help to make your lashes grow longer and thicker.

Avoid using fake eyelashes: Another tip on how to make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker is – avoid fake lashes. Using fake lashes or eyelashes extensions might be a quick fix to the problem, but longer-term, it will only damage your lashes further. When you take them off you are likely to remove some of your real lashes as well, so it is best to avoid fake lashes altogether, or use them only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Leave your lashes alone: Always be gentle with lashes, they don’t like being treated harshly. Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your lashes when you are removing makeup or you’ll not only get premature under eye wrinkles and fine lines, but you’ll also pull some lashes out and stunt the growth of the other ones that stay in.

Castor oil: One of the best home remedies to make eyelashes grow longer is pure and simple organic castor oil, it can make your eyelashes thicker, stronger and make them grow fast.To avoid getting a thick mess in your eyes, apply castor oil with a brush to your lashes and eyebrows before you go to bed and leave on and it will moisturize and encourage growth naturally. Castor oil is also excellent for softening the lips, so if your lips are dry and crappy don’t forget to dab what is left on your finger straight to your lips.


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