Natural Ways To Pump Up Your Bust Size


food-increase-you-Breast-SizeMost women prefer big b**bs for various reasons. Mostly, they want busts that will add to their beauty. With bigger breasts they can feel more beautiful and confident.

Some women want bigger b**bs but are scared of going through surgery for them and they have given up hope. But never to worry, having bigger b**bs is possible without surgery. This can be achieved with natural home remedies, as a matter of fact, in your kitchen. Here are everyday food that will increase your b**bs naturally.

lean-meatLean meat: Food with protein are very important when you want a bigger bust, and no better way than eating lean meat to boost bust growth.

peanut-seeds-800916Nuts: Nuts are high in monounsated fat which promotes chest growth. Cashew, peanuts, walnuts etc are all good source when you want a good bust. It is a good source of fat and protein. It is also good for the heart and brain.


This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.Vegetables and fruits: Vitamins and minerals found in several fruits and vegetable foods help regulate testosterone levels in your body which is good for bust growth. Moreover, these foods contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage and strengthen your immune system. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and red cabbage prevent the development of cancer cells.


Soy-milk-201x300Soy: These are rich in isoflavones and help fight free radicals and cancer cells that might grow in chest tissues. It is also rich in phytoestrogens, the hormone that is largely responsible for chest growth.

milkMilk: Milk is high in protein and also contains naturally occurring estrogens, rogesterone and prolactin that are needed for chest growth. It contains similar reproductive hormones to those found in human bodies.

pearAvocade: This contains amino acids and other nutrients that promote growth of the breast.

Seafood1Seafood: Seafood contain high level of Manganese which helps to increase s *x hormones thereby promoting the growth of chest tissue. Try eating sea food daily and check out the difference.

ffeeeFennel seeds: Fennel seeds are the best source to stimulate breast growth. The flavonoids that is available in the fennel seeds can increase in the level of estrogen in the body. Cod liver oil along with fennel seeds must be heated and the allow it to cool. This oil can be used to massage the breast. Fennel tea can also provide best results.

Eat these foods religiously and check the difference. These foods are beneficial to your health so as you are boosting your bust size you are also helping your body system.


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