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Why You Need To Stop Eating Canned Foods

cansEating canned food has become a habit for many of us because of the nature of our job, tight schedules majorly because of our life styles. However, canned food has received a lot of negative attention in recent years due to the potential dangers aluminum and tin cans can pose to our health. Here are the potential dangers of canned food you never knew about.

Risk of Botulism: Improperly canned food has been associated with botulism, a rare but serious illness that can cause paralysis and even lead to death. Botulism is caused by Clostridium botulinumbacteria which may live in improperly canned or preserved food, these bacteria produce spores, reproductive structures that are able to survive in unfavourable conditions. These spores produce toxins which, when eaten, can lead to severe poisoning even when consumed in tiny amounts.

Bisphenol or BPA: The most worrisome of all, among canned foods that can harm one, is plastic contaminants in our canned goods. Most canned food these days have a plastic coating inside the can to supposedly keep the food, vegetables, and fruits – fresh. Well, it may keep them more fresh that otherwise without it being stored up inside a metal object, but this comes at the expense of harming you, the inner plastic lining is poisonous at small measures. Well this plastic coating is Bisphenol or BPA for short and it is harmful because humans are not suppose to eat plastic material made from crude oil, BPA kills rats in laboratories even at smaller portions. BPA is a toxic chemical that causes hormone imbalances and wide variety of health issues ranging from hypertension, aggression, obesity to cancer and heart disease.

Preservatives: They are referred to in a dozen different names, and every-time a new name is established for the same few ingredients that are mixed up to come up with friendly-sounding names. But, the fact is that if it smells like manure, looks like manure, tastes like manure – it is most certainly manure. These preservatives are kept in state of non-compounding to other molecules with SALT, extensive amount of sodium (salt) is used to keep the preservatives in canned food from rotting so that it can keep the food from rotting. These preservatives are not drastically harmful towards healthy people, but they may be harmful to pregnant women, babies, children, elderly, or anyone that is suffering from a chronic disease”.


dangers of canned food

 Issues with tin can: The food expiration dates printed on tin cans are set so that it is unlikely that substantial amounts of tin will have time to transfer from the packaging to the canned food. Several agencies continuously monitor the levels of tin in canned food in order to prevent the food from causing health problems such as irritation and inflammation in gastrointestinal tract. Exposure to high levels of tin has also been reported to cause skin and eye irritation as well as certain neurological problems. Furthermore, when a tin can is opened and the inside lining of the can comes into contact with oxygen in the air, corrosion occurs rapidly. This in turn causes tin being released into the canned foods.

canning-foodLow level of food quality: If fruits, vegetables and other ingredients  in canned foods are of high quality, they will be sold fresh and for the highest price possible for a maximum profit, if the quality of the ingredients are not that great or the fruits and vegetables looks old and stale or not so healthy, then they will be hidden from the eyes of people and be forced into a can along with other such  low quality food, cooked up in a mass oven while still inside the can and then shipped all over the world and sold may be one or two years later from when they were picked and were prepared. Don’t expect the ingredients inside your canned foods to be of high quality.


Completely eliminate canned foods, don’t eat vegetables or grains in cans, simply buy  fresh ones. The risk of developing many chronic disease such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, nervous system disorder and Alzheimer’s goes down by consuming fresh foods that do not have any packaging.


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