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‘Never Allow Everyone Kiss Your NewBorn Baby’- Hear The Sad Story Of A Mother Who Lost Her Baby When She Got Kissed

Nicole and Shane Sifrit from West Des Moines welcomed their daughter Mariana into the world on July 1 and then got married six days later.

But in a tragic turn of events, just two hours after tying the knot, they noticed something was wrong with their baby.

She had stopped eating and wasn’t responding.

Mariana’s devastated parents noticed she wasn’t right on their wedding day 

Leaving their own wedding early to go to the Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines they were told the devastating news that Mariana had the life threatening virus Meningitis

It is carried by someone with the cold sore virus but not necessarily with an open sore.

Doctors said it’s likely Mariana contracted it from a kiss, according to wqad.com , but both parents tested negative for the virus.

Mariana fell ill on her parent’s wedding day and was sent to intensive care

Speaking to WHOtv.com before her daughter’s death, Nicole warned parents to keep their babies isolated and not to let “just anyone” come and visit them.

She said: “Don’t let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

Mariana’s condition deteriorated and within two hours of being in hospital her dad said she’d stopped breathing and her organs had started to fail.

“On July 7th she was readmitted to the hospital for meningitis and Herpes virus, we don’t know how she contracted it. It was not through pregnancy, birth or her parents, we do know that.”

The page said the baby had received several blood transfusions while in hospital but unfortunately her internal bleeding became worse, she starting seizing, and her kidneys and liver began failing.

The fundraising page revealed that doctors had told the couple to prepare to bury their “precious baby girl.”

An update was then posted which said Mariana had lost brain activity and her lungs and heart had also started to fail.

It asked people to pray for the little girl.

Little Mariana deteriorated fast 

But today her mum informed people on social media that their baby had “gained her angel wings”.

Tributes flooded in from friends who said they were sorry for the couple’s loss and offered thoughts and prayers to Nicole, Shane, and the rest of the family.


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