Why You Should Never Clean Your Ears With A Matchstick (Video)

If you’ve ever thought about sticking something in your ear to clean it out, this video might make you think twice.The gruesome clip shows the moment an elderly man had half a matchstick removed from his ear after it got stuck there while he was attempt to get wax out.

After trying to remove it with water, the man had no choice but to visit the hospital and ask a medical professional to take it out for him.

In the footage, the doctor uses a small pair of forceps to delve into the ear.

After pushing past wax, he finally manages to grab hold of the end of the broken match and pull it out.

A caption alongside the YouTube video reads: “The video shows an oto-endoscopic ear foreign body removal (broken matchstick) by microscopic forceps in an old man.

“He presented with history of broken matchstick in ear. Ear itching after one day.”

“He put the water into ear for removal but was unsuccessful and it became painful.”

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Dr Krunal Karade , am ENT, head and neck consultant in Nagpur India.

Source: Mirror



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