5 Things To Know Before Dating A Man Who Has A Child/Children

You just met this whom you think is perfect for you. You both get along well and you get the impression he is being serious about turning your friendship into a romantic relationship.

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You feel everything is going right with this guy except for one thing…he has a kid or a couple of them. This makes everything complicated already and you are confused about the situation.

These situations can be dramatic but there are ways to get out of your dilemma and decide if you want to start this relationship or just let it go.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 things to know before dating a man who has a child/children

1. Your relationship may not be as open as you want it to be in the beginning

He isn’t likely to tell anyone about you when you start dating. He would want to take things slow because he’s trying to set a good example for his kid, the introductions may be slow because he would want some form of stability first before introducing you to his child.

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2. Live a life independent of him

Have a life of your own. You had one before you met him, so just continue that way so you don’t feel left out or neglected when he spends time with his kid.

3. The child is the first thing on his mind

He is a father and therefore has a responsibility to fill that role the rest of his life. You’ll understand that he may cancel dates, plans and so outings with you if his kid isn’t feeling too well or there isn’t anyone to babysit. You must learn to be understanding and patient.

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4. He’s ready to commit

He knows what he wants and where he wants to be. And guess what? It’s with you. He has a little one who looks up to him, so he’ll want set a good example.

5. The mother of his child won’t disappear

She’ll always be a constant reminder of his past. But you have to learn to handle things like an adult. It’s important to give her all the respect that’s due to her to avoid unnecessary fights which may cause a strain in your relationship.

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6. There’ll be emergencies

From a call from his child’s mother when you are both ready and set for an important date to his child suddenly falling ill or a domestic accident, these things are bound to come up and you have to accept that your boyfriend has to answer these emergencies. You also have to be ready for these kinds of situations because he would likely need your help.

source: pulse.ng


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