Niger Delta Avengers Appoint Wole Soyinka To Lead Dialogue Team

Niger Delta Avengers group has appointed Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka to lead  its team that would negotiate with the federal government in resolving the current conflict between the group and the government, reports New Telegraph.

Soyinka is expected to lead six other eminent people nominated by the NDA to meet with the government to explore ways of securing a ceasefire and restoring lasting peace in the region.

Spokesman for the Dialogue Group, Ballantyne Agiri, who disclosed this on Monday, however refused to name the other members of the negotiating team.

He said Soyinka was chosen because of his track records as a freedom fighter as well as a credible and detribalised personality.

He stated that the moment, he mentioned Soyinka’s name to the group, members became interested because, according to them, Soyinka is somebody who is not from the Niger Delta, but has credibility.

Agiri also hinted that some members of the dialogue team are coming from outside the country.

Recalled that the group had on Saturday agreed to dialogue with government.

The group succumbed to pressure and plea from monarchs and leaders of the region, who asked them on Friday to stop further hostilities, reports News 24

Mudock Agbinibo, the NDA spokesperson, said the group would agree to a ceasefire to enable it discuss with the federal government’s team.

It, however, demanded absolute sincerity on the part of government, warning that it would not allow the discussion to be turned into a political jamboree.


Source: News24 Nigeria


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