Nigeria Should Control Its Neighboring Countries

France is five thousand kilometers away from Benin, but cares about who will be president in that country and spends years to groom upcoming presidents in Paris, and the ministers.
They use Freemason lodges, alumni networks, scholarship and grants to exert direct control over local elite and have direct involvement in the selection of local presidents.
France does so, because it identified Benin and the other 14 francophone countries as strategic to its long term interests.
Nigeria has border with Benin, but is quite passive in what is happening in its neighboring countries, leaving itself vulnerable to terrorists activities and foreign military buildup around its borders.
If I was a Nigerian president, I’ll use Nigerian huge money to get all neighboring countries elite under control, and no single president would be elected in those countries without our blessing.
Those tiny and weak countries like Benin, are so vulnerable to foreign influence that Nigeria should be much more aggressive in its foreign policy and involvement in their domestic politics.
Boko Haram won’t be there in the first place if Nigeria was in control of Cameroon, Benin, Chad, Niger local elites.

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