Nigeria: Top 5 Reasons Why Governorship Elections Are Far More Important

The Presidential elections are over; Nigerians are a bit more relaxed as Saturday’s gubernatorial election approaches.
Many who voted during the presidential election won’t be voting this Saturday. To most Nigerians, their Governors do not matter so long as they get the right President. Nigeria operates a federal system of government which concentrates power at the centre. The states function as appendages of the centre and majority cannot survive without the monthly allocation they receive from it.

The President of Nigeria is expected to be a miracle worker while state governors despite their huge monthly allocations are allowed to laze. Most Nigerians know nothing about what their state governments should be doing for them.

Separation of powers as listed in the Nigerian Constitution provides a guide on what Nigerians should expect from the different organs of government. A lot of Nigerians do not know that most of the things they look up to the federal government for are supposed to be provided by the state government.

Here are 5 reasons you should vote wisely this Saturday because guber elections are more important;

  • Basic Infrastructure

Your state government is supposed to build most of the basic infrastructure that can make your daily life easier. It is duty of the state government either directly or via the local government to fix that messed up road inner-state road that links to your house. It is also their duty to upgrade and employ staff to clean that local market. While there are federal roads and other projects scattered around the state; the bulk of it belongs to the state.

  • Primary healthcare

While primary healthcare remains a function of the three tiers of government; the state government in partnership with the local government can make a greater impact. State governments know the local terrains better than the federal government and can build specific health facilities to cater to the unique needs in their locality.

  • Primary and Secondary education

Other than Unity schools and some other special federal government establishments, the federal government has no business with primary and secondary education in the states. Your state governor is supposed to build and furnish primary and secondary schools for your children’s use. If state governments are held accountable and forced to perform; super expensive mushroom private schools will disappear as your kids can get good education in a government facility.

  • Security

Every state governor is the Chief security officer of the state; it doesn’t matter if the soldiers and policemen were deployed from Abuja. The state government owes you the responsibility of making sure your life and properties are secure.

  • Local economy

Lagos state is currently the only state in Nigeria that can survive with little or no funding from the federal government. All states need to study the Lagos model or develop one on how to grow a viable economy. A viable economy will automatically translate to a better life for people within the state.

  • Overall success of the country

The success of Nigeria’s federal system for effective governance depends on an appropriate division of responsibilities and resources between federal, state and local authorities. If state governments function properly, the federal government will be more effective as it will have fewer problems.

Your PVC is more than an Identification Card; use it wisely this weekend.

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