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Why Nigerian Couple Got Blasted After Being Engaged (+Photo)

Being engaged is something every woman looks forward to. The wait is usually a tormenting one as ladies get weary when they do not see any sign that shows their men would propose after dating for a while. In Nigeria and every other part of the world, people go to any length in making their proposal turn out well. The effort, time and energy they put into the preparation is intriguing as the guys always want to surprise their partners with it. Days and weeks of planning are invested in order to make the women feel loved and appreciated.

Some men call in their friends to celebrate with them after popping the question. Many people make the proposal a big deal as they have photographers on set; they give bloggers something to chew following the engagement as they would always want to do something spectacular and unique. However, the couple that this post is about did not get celebrated after their engagement.  People decided to blast them and criticize them for reasons best known to them. We have seen couples who decided to go out of line with their proposal, we have seen the ones who gave us crazy and dangerous pre-wedding pictures following their engagement.

This unique couple here did not violate any rule; the woman did not show lots of flesh and the man did not dress like a gangster. Yet, the couple got blasted after being engaged.

See the picture of this couple below and tell us what you think about them:

this couple got blasted after being engaged

The Couple

The lady the young man got proposed to is really endowed. People who ought to congratulate him on his achievement blasted him instead and hurled insults at them. What do you think of them?


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