Nigerian Grandma Destroys Trump’s ‘Bully Mentality’

Yvetta Songofunmi

Republican nominee Donald Trump recently visited a Cleveland, Ohio charter school in an effort to pander to working-class families. While the children were excited for the opportunity to meet a celebrity, their parents and guardians were not so enthused.

One woman spoke her mind to NBC News – and delivered an epic shut-down of the rabble-rousing racist. Yvetta Songofunmi, grandmother to student Egunjobi Songofunmi, shamed Trump for behaving like a bully and running one of the most offensive political campaigns our nation has ever seen.

“One of the things I try to teach my grandson is not to be a bully. So when you say you’re going to bomb the sh*t out of folks and tell folks to go f*ck themselves and to denigrate women and to say that you’re going to go into somebody else’s country and take their oil, that’s a bully mentality to me. That’s a punk move, that’s not a man move. Our commander-in-chief, who is supposed to be a living example of how you’re supposed to comport yourself, that’s not what I’m trying to teach my grandson.”

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We couldn’t agree more. Donald Trump is the complete opposite of a role model for children to look up to – and what we should look for in a President. What words are most commonly used to describe Trump? Words like liar, cheater, bully, racist, narcissist, misogynist. thief, bigot, coward, angry, childish.

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