How Nigerian Officials Stole From Flood Disaster Victims

Women, children and the elderly were the worst hit in a mass food poisoning that was initially mistaken by local health officials for an outbreak of epidemic after the catastrophic flood of 2012 hit the Ndokwa-East Local Government Area of Delta State. Corrupt government officials in the affected state diverted the cash, food, and relief materials that were meant for the 2012 disaster victims causing the survivors of the flood to rely on pesticide-treated corn seeds for food.
The poisonous seeds were distributed by the management of the rehabilitation committees set up by Delta State after the event of the flood which washed away homes, farmlands, roads, bridges, markets, and businesses across 22 states in Nigeria, resulting in the loss of 363 lives, thousands of drowned livestock, and over two million people displaced and N2.29 trillion worth of properties and economic means washed off. But Delta State was not alone in this crime.
Investigations carried out in Delta, Anambra, Kogi, Benue, and Oyo States show how Nigerian government officials embezzled the funds that were allocated for relief in those states in 2012, while the affected peoples and areas paid for their greedy actions with their lives and means of livelihood.

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