Nollywood Actor Who Set Himself On Fire Says He Took The Role To Spice Up His Career

Ani Iyoho has confirmed to Saturday Beats that his rumoured fire accident was not real.

Here is how the actor narrated his experience…

“When I was set ablaze, it felt very warm. I was covered with a protective gear soaked in a protective gel. All I could feel was warmth. Being a stuntman, I knew better than to breathe-in during that process. I was very excited. We had done a test run to know what it would feel like. It was like pouring warm water on oneself and it just kept getting hotter over time. During the test run, I dipped my hand into a protective gel then sprinkled some fire accelerants on my hand and then set it on fire just to see how long I could hold on to it,”.

nigerian actor set on fire

nigerian actor set on fire

Iyoho confessed he took up such challenging roles once he got tired of acting “romantic roles.”


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