Obvious Signs You Are A Selfie Freak


A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media:occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary. Here are Signs you are a selfie freak: 

100 trials to get the best: If you dedicate the best part of your day snapping away until you come with the best one that is fit for social media upload, then you know you are a selfie freak.

Can’t let a  moment slip: You just have to take a selfie even when you’re been robbed  or the house you’re in just collapse, you find a way to take a selfie in that confusion. The truth is, you know that a new life event basically hasn’t happened until you’ve documented it with a selfie.

Below expectation: You want to take a selfie so bad because you are feeling your look. Everything is on fleek, makeup, hair, outfit but the selfie isn’t coming out as well as you want it and you are getting physically pissed.

You radicalise everyone: Whether bae and anyone else around you likes to take selfies or not, you very well going to make sure they do. Every single opportunity you get, it either you’re taking a selfie with them or you’re taking a selfie with them, there are no two ways about it.

Find comfort in mirrors: Because a full size mirror is all you need to take a perfect selfie, while you have your  bets attire on, you would do all you can to be where you could find one.

Your day begins with a selfie: Let the work load on your desk be piling up and overflowing, not until you have take a selfie of your freshly done make up and outfit of the day, you’re not going to attend to them.

You change phones for the purpose: A phone becomes automatically outdated the moment your phone camera stops giving you the best picture quality. Therefore, you could starve yourself to death just so you could buy a better new one.

Vacation for selfie: The reason you go to that chic restuarant or luxury place, isn’t just so you could have fun, try their best meal or meet new people. The main reason is to take a new kind of selfie and post it online.


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