One Scarf, 9 Ways: A Modest Fashion Approach To Headwraps

Modest fashion enthusiast Raihanah Ibrahim gained some buzz on Twitter when she put up a photo of herself modelling nine different styles of headwraps. A lot of word spread and she received requests for a more detailed tutorial, showing how she was able to achieve her looks.

That prompted her to start a Youtube channel that promotes and celebrates modest fashion. Ibrahim is also starting her vlogging career with a video of her now famous ‘One Scarf, Nine Styles’.

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With headwraps in styles that include classic looks like knotted scarf and classic turban down to avantgarde styles that include the ‘Aladdin turban’ twist, a gele look for that all important Owambe and a huge bow inspired by Disney characters, Ibrahim shows us that modest fashion can be just as versatile, creative and fun as the conventional types.

Watch the video below:



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