Why Oyo Secondary Students Set Their Classrooms Ablaze, Reason Will Really Shock You

The school students who are of Isale-Oyo Community Grammar School, Oyo allegedly set some of their school buildings ablaze yesterday due to massive failure in their examination.

The recent outbreak of violence among secondary school students in Oyo town over massive failure after the government decision to raise the standard of education has more updates.

The incident occurred after the concerned and aggrieved students mobilized some other colleagues and proceeded to the school compound to perpetrate these acts.

As at today, October 28, 2016, security operatives the students behind the act are yet to be apprehended. The school compound is deserted as teachers and students have fled the area for fear of being harmed.

Some of the students were said to have stormed the school clutching dangerous weapons and charms. According to reports, “they were threatening lives and damaging properties.”

In the process of the attack yesterday, whatsupibadan reports that, “A student was allegedly stabbed in the stomach and as at yesterday, we heard the student had given up the ghost.”

Also, six students of Oranyan Grammar School, Oyo allegedly raped a female Youth Corps member yesterday.

Its disturbing to note these recurring incidents of secondary students unleashing mayhem on lives and properties.


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