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Pastor Burns Thousands Of Bibles…His Reasons Will Shock You


An Ugandan pastor has set his path of pissing of Christians all over the world after he burnt thousands of bible in a burning fire.

Reports we gathered reveals that the pastor, who is the Head pastor of House of Prayer Ministries, Kampala, Uganda ordered his members of his congregation to gather hundreds of Bible together.

The pastor, who was identified as Aloysius Bugingo set the Holy Book on fire. Narration his reasons for his actions, Bugingo says that various versions of the Bible has have been heavily edited, and were misleading his congregation.

His actions have been heavily condemned by Christians around.. Some say he’d be visited by the unraveling wrath from God.

Bugingo’s church is attended mostly by Makerere University students in Uganda and the congregation boasts of a total number of about 6,000 people. Apart from burning the King James Version, the pastor who also owns Salt FM and TV station, set other versions including the New Testament and the Good News Bible on fire, after claiming to have omitted some verses.

Some of the lines that have been tampered with in the translations according to Pastor Bugingo, are those which talk about fasting and the Lent period. He also claimed the King James Bible version contained the word ‘Holy Ghost’ more times than it did the word ‘Holy Spirit’.

Below is a picture of the Bibles before they were set on fire:

after he set them on fire:



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