Some Pastors Beat Their Wives, Cover The Marks With ‘Pancake’ On Sunday – Kenny Saint Brown

Kenny Saint Brown

Nigerian singer, Kenny Saint Brown has weighed in on the increasing rate of domestic violence in the country .

Speaking with LIB, she said, ”My thoughts on domestic violence is that we women keep quite for a long time. It starts and it looks like the first time was a mistake, then he apologises and buys you gifts and that covers it up.”

KSB also revealed that she has been a victim of domestic violence. She went on to say that nobody is immune to domestic violence.

”Some pastors deck their wives and on Sunday morning sister has to put up that holy face, pancake and the hat to cover it all up.” She went on to blame alcohol for domestic violence, ”I’m an advocate of speaking out so you don’t die in silence but most importantly our men shouldn’t take to drinking. if a man can stay off drinking, no matter how his wife annoys him, with a clear head he most likely won’t raise his hands on her”.


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