Persistence: The main key to success

desire, endurance, longsuffering

A strong desire does not recognize failure at all. It makes you absolutely convinced that you will get a miracle.

You must realize that no one ever fails until he accepts failure as a reality. You can build victory out of temporary defeat.
How many of us have been discouraged from getting our business plan?  Some of you have been persuaded to abandon your academic pursuits.

There are musical artistes who have been turned down by recording companies because they claim their voices were not good enough. There are authors who have been disappointed because publishers said their manuscripts were not good enough.

If you are such a person, I say to you now, do not retire. But reload and refire.

Also, I know that a strong desire will refuse to give up. I was once advised by a concerned relative to give up the idea of continuing at the polytechnic because our financial situation then was not favourable. But I had such strong desire for higher education, I could not see myself anywhere else but in school.

I put in my application, got admission and went to school. Thank God I did not give up. I had a strong desire.

A lady went to a recording company to have her songs produced. The producer did not even listen to her voice.

He took a curious look at her and said, “With such a face and with no personality at all, how can you ever expect to succeed in music? My good child, give up the idea. Buy a sewing machine and become a tailor. You can never be a singer.”

He underestimated her desire. She refused to give up until she became a star.

With a strong desire backed by faith in God nothing can be impossible for you.

If you have failed in your attempt to live an upright life with God, strong desire eventually gives victory over sin.

Remember to build strong desire to fulfill God’s plan for your life; Inquire of God’s plan for your life. Admire the picture of a successful future that God has prepared for you. Require help from God.

Acquire what you desire. Do not retire, only refire, that’s how to succeed.


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