PHOTO! This Could Be The Most Irritating Cake Of The Year!!!

An unnamed caterer has been called out on social media for designing a cake that looked like an ‘adult baby’ as against the demand of the customer.

This cake was designed to suit the occasion of a baby-shower that recently took place in the United States of America. The cake was designed in the form of a baby lying in his baby cot.
As seen in the photo, the scary baby image carried an adult’s face. Social media users are of the opinion that they might turned down the offer of eating from from the cake.
Meanwhile, the customer, an American entertainer who paid a whooping sum of $400 has rejected the cake made as a gift for his newborn nephew.
In his words:
“I’m mad as shit. This bitch charge me 400 for this cake. I told the bitch make a cake of my newborn nephew and this bitch made me cake of a nigga that look like he play the saxophone”

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