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In Photos: 7 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Must See #1!

Breastfeeding pictures – While the world has always known that breast milk is the ultimate in nutrition for a baby, further testing continues to reveal the huge advantages to breast milk over formula. In February 2016, The Washington Post published the findings of two separate medical journal reports that revealed some astounding results. Not only did the study reveal that the babies being breastfed were healthier, but that 823,000 children’s deaths would be averted within a six month period if they were given breast milk.

The positive effects of breast milk included a lower risk of asthma, warding off infections, preventing leukemia, preventing diabetes, and even increasing intelligence.

Although many realize the benefits of breastfeeding and understand that it’s completely natural, there still seems to be a certain stigma surrounding it. Regardless of the benefits for both mother and child, women face a plethora of judgment from other women, men, young and old. Weighing in on everything from where a mother is allowed to breastfeed to what age is appropriate wean off a child, nowadays breastfeeding is one of the hot-button topics for headline grabbing news.

No one seems to be exempt from this judgment, and even celebrities have had their fair share of shaming headlines for their breastfeeding choices. This is ironic since these same publications often go out of their way to highlight barely-there clothing on the red carpet or topless sunbathing on the beach, but a mother breastfeeding her child can be scrutinized to a different level.

Check out our list of the 12 most shocking breastfeeding headlines, and decide whether or not you agree with these parenting choices.

8.  Pole Dancing And Breastfeeding12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 1

It’s difficult to think of pole dancing and breastfeeding in the same sentence. While they both involve exposing a woman’s breasts, the act of infant feeding isn’t exactly known for evoking the same sexual arousal as seeing a woman slide up and down a pole swinging a few strategically placed tassels. Yet, one California mother has decided to combine pole dancing with breastfeeding in a video that went viral.

Ashley Wright had already come under fire a few years ago when she posted videos of herself pole dancing while her young daughter watched, and even strapped the young girl to her back in one of the videos. However, it’s the breastfeeding videos with her youngest child that has truly sparked the most outrage. Her baby is strapped to her body in a sling carrier, and can be seen breastfeeding while Wright whips up and down the pole. The video was first seen in January 2016, but has since made its rounds on YouTube.

Allegedly, Wright made the video to show off her passion for both pole dancing and breastfeeding, and claimed that it was about showcasing the strength factor in acrobatic pole dancing. While it’s true that more people have begun to see the athleticism required in pole dancing, it still doesn’t sit right to see a woman working the pole with a baby strapped to her breast.

7.  Gisele Bundchen Shares What Her Breastfeeding Looks Like12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 2

There are a number of grievances mothers have with celebrities that give birth, from their couture maternity clothing to their instantaneous weight loss. It’s obviously a lot easier to get rid of the baby weight when you have the financial resources to hire a nutritionist, personal trainer, home chef, and of course, expert airbrushing.

The same can be said for the plethora of nannies that practically raise their children while the celebrity mothers have the luxury to live a stress-free life of leisure. The difference between regular moms and celebrities was never made clearer than in the Instagram post by Gisele Bundchen “multitasking” in 2013.

The former Victoria’s Secret model and wife of Tom Brady posted a photo of her breastfeeding while getting her hair, nails, and makeup done by professionals. The caption read, “What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #multitasking #gettingready.” The Internet exploded due to the sheer mockery of the situation, as real mothers don’t have the same luxurious experiences in their multitasking breastfeeding adventures. While other women are breastfeeding a child while vacuuming, dusting, cooking, and doing a load of laundry, Bundchen doesn’t even know what true multitasking truly entails.

6.  Mayim Bialik Breastfeeding Her 4-Year-Old12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 3


Prior to Mayim Bialik’s emergence as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit series, The Big Bang Theory, she lived relatively out of the spotlight and was only known for her former performance as a child actress in Blossom. During her time out of the limelight, Bialik studied neuroscience and actually earned a PhD.

Yet, her time away from Hollywood didn’t mean that she was entirely out of the headlines since she shocked many with her views on breastfeeding. In fact, a photo of Bialik breastfeeding her 4-year-old child on the subway turned up online and had many people questioning this highly controversial method. To put this into perspective, a 4-year-old child is in its second year of preschool and is already quite vocal.

In fact, the majority of preschools won’t accept children into their first year of preschool unless they are already potty trained. So, for a 4-year-old child to still be nursing at their mother’s breast right before entering Kindergarten and at least a year or two after learning to go to the bathroom by themselves is more than a bit shocking. While all of her children have since weaned off nursing, the issue is still brought up whenever she’s out interviewing or promoting different projects.

5.  Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding Without A Cover12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 8

The September 2014 issue of Glamour magazine featured a pictorial spread of Olivia Wilde with her 5-month-old son. This came at a time when the breastfeeding issue was at the height of public debate, and she was by no means the first celebrity to partake in an ultra glamorous breastfeeding photo. Wilde is seen wearing a glamorous Roberto Cavalli dress and holding her naked infant to her breast, while she feeds him without a cover.

Her dress is pulled down to expose her breast, and she is sitting with a content look as she glowingly looks down on her suckling son. Although the photo was certainly taken to show the beautiful side of motherhood and nurturing through the infant feeding process, some became outraged at the hypocrisy of the photo.

While it seemed glamorous and acceptable for Olivia Wilde to be publicly breastfeeding inside a diner without a modesty cover for a pictorial spread in Glamour, that was definitely not the case for millions of women throughout the world. Women were being shunned, shamed, and in some cases, asked to leave when they chose to breastfeed in public. While the photo may have started off as a promotion for breastfeeding, it wound up becoming a debacle for both the magazine and Wilde.

4.  Mother Breastfeeding At College Graduation12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 5

The higher education timeline used to involve a strict 4-year attendance after the summer following high school. College students were known for the dorm-life experience, fraternities, sororities, and everything else that comes with becoming an adult. Yet, times have certainly changed, and people no longer adhere to those strict guidelines. Nowadays, high school students often spend time away from school to “find themselves” and older adults return to school to further their careers.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise Karlesha Thurman to be graduating from college at the age of 25-years-old. The surprising part came when she brought along her infant daughter to her California State University Long Beach graduation and posted photos of herself breastfeeding at the ceremony. The photo was picked up by a page that celebrates women of color that decide to breastfeed, Black Women Do Breastfeed.

While the organization left an encouraging caption to the photo, not all of the comments were as supportive. The photo spread throughout the Internet, and a particularly harsh Twitter comment stated, “Nobody told her to hoe around in 3rd period .She should’ve been doing her work & maybe she wouldn’t be breastfeeding during her graduation.” It’s hard to say what is most shocking about this story, either the breastfeeding photo in cap and gown or the volatile comments that came afterward.

3.  Angelina Jolie Breastfeeding Statue12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 9

Back in 2008 when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were very much in love and considered Hollywood’s hottest couple, W Magazine published a series of private photos of Jolie taken by Pitt. The cover photo was shot in black-and-white and featured Jolie breastfeeding with a look of utter beauty and contentment, despite the fact that she looked far from the ultra-glamorous movie star the public is used to seeing on the red carpet.

Supposedly inspired by this photo, New York artist, Daniel Edwards, created a life-size nude sculpture of Jolie breastfeeding her twins for a park bench piece for the Oklahoma City Metro area (which so happens to be very close to Pitt’s birthplace).

The sculpture was unveiled for World Breastfeeding Week, and had a goal of encouraging breastfeeding in public. Sandy Wilson, a spokesperson for Phantom-Financial, released a statement saying, “We believe the statue sends a beautiful message by promoting the acceptance of public breastfeeding. Mothers should be encouraged to nurture their babies everywhere.”

2.  Nigel Farage Agrees With Women Ordered To Cover Up While Breastfeeding12 Most Shocking Breastfeeding Pictures That Broke The Internet – You Need To See #1! 10

Nigel Farage is a hugely prominent figure in British politics, and has been hailed for his “tell it like it is” stance. Unlike other politicians that have an ultra-polished persona, Farage was often seen smoking in his office and visiting pubs in his off-hours. As the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Farage led the force in efforts to have the UK leave the European Union.

He has been hailed for certain outbursts that have gone viral, like when he called out Herman van Rompuy during his inaugural appearance as the “President of Europe.” Farage famously began shouting, “Who are you? No one in Europe has ever heard of you.” The world stood up and took notice since Farage seemed to be the only one to point out the fact that Herman van Rompuy was appointed the position without so much as a vote, and all of a sudden was declared “President of Europe.” However, not all of Farage’s outbursts were positive, and it was his agreement about public breastfeeding that sparked some major outrage.

Claridge’s, a luxury hotel in the UK, famously confronted a woman that was breastfeeding and asked her to cover up. When asked about the incident, Farage agreed with Claridge’s statement and said, “perhaps sit in the corner.”

1.  Transgender Breastfeedingtransgender-breastfeeding-1

The issues involving transgender individuals have increasingly been highlighted in recent years, from Oprah interviewing a family with a 5-year-old that identified as the opposite sex to Bruce Jenner coming out as Caitlyn. The increased attention on transgender individuals in the U.S. has also given rise to other issues like neutral bathrooms in public places. While the world seems to be embracing these issues (albeit hesitantly), things start to get a bit tricky when it comes to breastfeeding as a man.

Trevor MacDonald transitioned into a man in his early 20s, began taking testosterone, and had surgery on his chest to have his appearance coincide with his new gender identity. Yet, MacDonald never underwent a hysterectomy and went on to give birth to two children with his partner.

He began documenting the experience through his blog, and made headlines when photos appeared with him breastfeeding. It turns out that there are actually quite a number of cases of transgender men breastfeeding, and there was even a study conducted by the Canadian Institute of Health Research to look into the experiences of transgender men throughout the birthing and breastfeeding phases. While it can physically be achieved, it’s still the thing that draws huge headlines since it’s not something the public expects to see.


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