The Plan To Crack Nigeria

Contrary to many African countries, the president of Nigeria is usually ‘selected’ by a group of very powerful Nigerian men, all in the shadow, to pursue some specific agenda.
That’s mean a Nigerian president can’t be corrupted from outside to serve foreign interests. It’d be a waste of time because the local power boys won’t allow that especially if that means compromising their interests at home.
That’s governance model had somehow shielded Nigeria from direct foreign economical exploitation, or heavy hand in local affairs.
Nigerians are proud to be the ones calling the shot at home.
Buhari seems to have been hired to change that, by using the fight against corruption to weaken the boys club and make the presidency all powerful, at least more powerful than the boys.
Regardless of the corruption in Nigeria, its economy had doubled during the last decades and surpassed Egypt and south Africa to become the biggest African economy.
Fighting corruption, specially at the bottom of the pyramid is a necessity, but in capitalistic economy, big business is mainly based on corruption and edgy criminality.
The targeting of the big boys is a foreign political agenda, to weaken the Nigerian big boys, and make the president also more vulnerable to direct foreign control.
If that agenda would be successful, Nigeria as we know it would become another African country with a puppet president controlled from London, Paris or Washington.
Cracking Nigeria secret code is currently at the top of the world imperialist agenda.
Nigerians should stay vigilant.

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